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Using an emulsifier in Bath Bombs...
A great moisturizing Bath Bomb will have just enough oil and or butter to soften your water and leave you feeling silky, soft, and moisturized.

Last time we talked about how to determine just how much oil and or butter is needed per bath bomb and how to apply that measurement to your recipe. So now that you have your recipe adjusted to have just the right amount of the oil and butter combination, we will need to add some type of emulsifier to disburse them throughout the water.

Our choices are a bit limited and each of the two suggested additives bring a different attribute to the finished product. Let's begin by discussing each one and the affect it will have on the Bath Bomb.
SLSA SLSA or sodium lauryl sulfoacetate and also known as Lathanol - According to Brambleberry the description of SLSA is: A fine white powder is excellent for blending into "bath bombs," bath fizzies, powdered bubble baths, bath salts for super foam, scrubs and …

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