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Humidity... Humidity in the air plays such a big part in the outcome of your final product, it cannot be understated. Unless you are lucky enough to live in a very dry area or you have a controlled environment, such as a room with special humidity controlled equipment, you will just have to learn how to deal with it in your area.
The humidity in our area comes and goes throughout the year and we literally have to adjust our formulation to suit different seasons. It can sneak up on you, so it is best to have a hygrometer or humidity meter in your production room. Purchasing a dehumidifier is a great idea, however they are expensive for beginners and won't even work if the size of the machine is not relevant to the size of the room. 
There are other ways to try and control the humidity. For example you could keep your bath bombs covered with some non-porous plastic, such as painters plastic or even a large garbage bag. 
Or you could buy enough molds so that you can leave your bath b…

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